Monday, March 9, 2009

My Talkie Lair

Raquelle of Out Of The Past urged her fellow bloggers to take pictures of their entertainment centers. Naturally I have to answer to such an urge. Here goes!

Here's the center itself. My TV-set is an old Philips Widescreen I bought in France 10 years ago. I thought of changing it for a flat screen when it brakes down but it's still as good as new so I guess that will have to wait. All my friends have had flat panel TV's in road sign sizes for years but I don't care, since the talkies I watch often are quite flaky in quality and only have glorious mono sound. The toy stove is not mine. It belongs to my son who was watching a French "dessin animeé" about insects when this picture was taken earlier today. 
Let's pass through the kitchen and look what we find on the other side.

This is where I make up my stuff and where I am right now. When the picture was taken I was not. Most of my silents and talkie collection is kept in unsexy albums like the red one that rests on a pile of junk to the left. As most films from the 1925-35 period awaits DVD releases you have to collect copies on home made DVD's from all over the world. Let's turn around instead and watch where I keep some of my officially released stash...

I have DVD's hidden in every space imaginable in my appartment, but this is the core of my collection. Mostly classic movies and European art films like Bergman and Fellini. 
I have one thing in common with Raquelle here... We are both labeling our beloved VHS casettes with plain white labels on the short end of the box. I don't know if this is common practice. I don't know anyone else who does it except for me and Raquelle. It saves space so I thought it was a good idea back in the 80's when I started to do it. I bet Raquelle came up with the same idea.

On the other side there's more VHS and some records I'm probably ashamed of having in my collection...

When I am seated at my desk this is what I see...Records and occasionally some sunshine. Ooops! a pair of shorts! OK I'll leave those for documenatry values. Swell!

My next post will be up in a few days. It will be a recycled but slightly expanded version of my erlier Swedish post about Lawrence Gray, a forgotten talkie personality and singer of unforgettable songs.


Classic Maiden said...

What a great collection of stuff you have. I love how you've stored everything.

Helt klart en beundringsværdig samling :)

Raquel Stecher said...

When am I coming to visit?!!!

Yes that white label on the short end of the box does save SO MUCH room. I still have to label all of my cassetts though. Do you put the year of each movie by the name?! I do.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Caitlin said...

That looks like quite and impressive collection. And so well-organized to boot.

Caitlin said...

(On an unrelated note, I've been honored with the Premio Dardos Award and I'd like to pass it on to you. Thanks for writing such a great blog!)

Anonymous said...

I like that wood floor!

I'm always fascinated with a person's viewing area and/or storage setup. Jon's system looks very efficient and neat, which is to be envied!

I've been transferring VHS tapes to DVD for almost five years, and have nearly 300 DVDs as a result, though my original VHS collection 1983-2003 defies accounting; let's leave it at 1.5 billion tapes, easily half dedicated to arcania that we discuss here. Most are now boxed in the basement.

I think we can all agree that space is the most precious commodity around!

Jonas Nordin said...

Mange Takk! :)

Just drop by whenever you like! :)
Oh yes! Name year and everything is noted on the lables. I even had a very complicated color system to indicate genre. Blue was feature films as I remember. Brown was for documentaries etc.

Princess Fire and Music,
Thank you, Thank you!
I will not pass the award along since everyone I know already got at least one of them.

Jonas Nordin said...

King Of Jazz,
Wooden floors are very common in Swedish homes. My house was built in 1907, long before plastic or wall-to-wall carpeting was invented.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, speaking of Swedish things, I'm a big fan of IKEA--I've bought many a home theater related piece of furniture there. It's only about twenty minutes away and I'm always stopping by to explore the place.

Laura said...

Very impressive -- what a beautiful collection! And I'm so glad to see someone else still has record albums. :)

Best wishes,

Ginger Ingenue said...

How interesting! :)

It's all so neat and organized...

I also like your wood floors...and the fact that your house is over a hundred years old! How romantic. And fitting, for someone with an old soul... :)


I just got another of those blogging awards, too, and was gonna pass it on to you since your place still amazes me every time I come here. :)

Jonas Nordin said...

King Of Jazz,
I'm practically surrounded by IKEA. Let's say it's "practic"! :)

I suppose you noticed that half of the record albums actually are 78rpm discs so I really stick to the past...

I love living in old houses. They have "soul" in a way a modern house only can dream about. Yes! Let's give each other som awards, you amaze me too Ginger!

Carrie said...

An A+ for organization (I'm jealous!)

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

COOL COLLECTION - I have to tidy up befdre I do mine

A "cheery" disposition said...

I would die for your collection of records!

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