Saturday, September 27, 2008

My office cubicle

Welcome to my international blog!
Let's start with a look at my office cubicle. On the far left there's a magazine clipping of the old Swedish king Gustaf V who was the reigning monarch here between 1907-1950, the golden age. He's pouring himself a glass of Champagne, "Veuve Cliquot" to be exact. Maybe not exactly a "royal" brand of bubbles, but having simple tastes can sometimes be a virtue.

Right under the king there's a big brown book, the 1930 edition of the Swedish equivalent to Variety, "Scenen", The Scene in English. A never ending source of information. Right to the king among the records and random scribblings, we find mostly Swedish posters from some really good movies. Marianne, Broadway, Tanned Legs, Paramount On Parade, The Hollywood Revue Of 1929, Spring Is Here, On With the Show! and Rio Rita, all from the glorious 1929-30 season. They can really lighten up a dull day at the office.

Right under Paramount On Parade the observant reader finds a photo of yours truly frowning over a cup of office coffee. There's also the obligatory Audrey Hepburn image, and to her right another Swedish king, Oscar II, the father of Gustaf V and the last Swedish king to be properly crowned.
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