Saturday, December 20, 2008

Favorite 20 actresses meme

I got a smack by fellow blogger Raquelle at Out Of The Past, a splendid blog you should visit at any cost. The smack consisted in participating in the ongoing 20 favorite actresses meme.

This time I will keep in line with the general purpose of my blog and stick to silent or pre-code actresses. A very tough choice indeed. There are many really fine actresses that has been left out... maybe next time ladies.

The smack from Raquelle apparently hit hard as I began to see all my favorite dames in living color. Here goes in no particular order:

Dorothy Lee

Dolores Costello

Colleen Moore

Anna May Wong

Anita Page

Gloria Swanson

Ginger Rogers

Gerda Maurus

Greta Garbo

Fay Wray

Louise Brooks

Lillian Roth

Kay Francis

Jean Harlow

Janet Gaynor

Winnie Lightner

Tutta Rolf 

Queen Norma Shearer

Marion Davies

Marie Dressler

I scribbled them all down on a peice of paper last week and comparing my scribblings with who actually made it to the list, I must mention those who didn't make it due to lack of space or pictures. Those are Joan Blondell, Charlotte Greenwood, Ethel Merman, Alice White and Joan Crawford.

I think just everyone that I know has been tagged and already made their lists.
So, tag yourselves if you fell like it.


Abe Lucas said...

Jonas, reading your list made me realize how different the pre-Code world is to my preferred era, the "Golden Age" of the 1930s-mid 1940s. I have a lot of learning to do and have picked up so much great information from your blog. Keep up the excellent work!


Raquel Stecher said...


Jonas - These are absolutely beautiful. As I've already told you prior to writing this. I especially love Gloria Swanson and Lillian Roth. It's amazing how you've brought these images to life with a bit of color.

Please colorize Joan Blondell for me one of these days. Please? That would be wonderful.

Great list by the way.

Operator_99 said...

Me thinks that is Toby Wing, not Harlow

Ginger Ingenue said...

How DO you colorize pictures??


I've heard of almost all these ladies, but if I had to match their name with their faces, I bet I couldn't get half of 'em!

That Dolores Costello looks beautiful...and Lillian Roth and Janet Gaynor are two of the cutest girls I've seen! :)

Jonas Nordin said...

Dex, Thanks You are always welcome!

Raquelle, Thanks, here's a smack for you too! One Blondell? Coming right up miss! :)

Operator_99, I think you're right!
So let's change little Toby for the real deal then... :)

Ginger, It's sometimes hard to tell if I like some of them just because they are such good lookers. Marie Dressler is a really good actress that much I know! :)

Anonymous said...

That's definitely Harlow!

Extremely nice imagery...I've also been a big fan of Lillian Roth.


Kadri said...

Those colorized pics are really stunning.

Wow,you are one of the very few people I know,who actually likes Janet Gaynor.I adore her and have always thought she's wastly underrated as an actress.I actually enjoy her overt cuteness.

Marie Dressler was a superb chracer actress!

And yay for Dorothy Lee-what would Wheeler and Woolsey films be without her...

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

What striking photographs! Well done.

Nik said...

I love that you added Marie Dressler. She is underapreciated.

Louis B Mayer once said that his two favorite actors, the only ones who could ever make him cry are Marie Dressler and Spencer Tracy.

Pre-code women all the way!

And a nice touch with Marion Davis. People misjudge her too quickly (thanks a lot Orson Wells!)

TheOnlyWay said...


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